Week 1

Aug 25(M)      Introduction
Aug 27(W)      How is technology political?
Langdon Winner, “Do Artifacts Have Politics,” 121-136.
Browse article on How Cities Keep The Homeless Away
Class Activity: Reading Strategies
No Screening
Aug 29(F)       How is technology political?
Class Activity: Continue discussion, Introduce Response Papers
Post your definition of  ‘technology’ here

Week 2

Sept 1(M)      HOLIDAY –  NO CLASS
Sept 3(W)       What is Gender?
Judith Lorber, “Night to His Day”: The Social Construction of Gender,” pg 54-62
Mary Holmes, Selection from Gender and Everyday Life, pg 2-4
Screening:       Blogging + The Life and Times of Sara Baartman
Sept 5(F)         What is Race?
Omi and Winant, selection from Racial Formations, pg 57-70
Browse article on Miss America controversy 
Due: Post brief response to The Life and Times of Sara Baartman on the blog


Week 3

Sept 8(M)       Photographs, Exhibitions & Gazing
Brenda Croft,Laying Ghosts to Rest,” pg 20-28. (Reading is in Sakai, under Resources)
Introduction to Visual Rhetoric
Sept 10(W)     Photographs, Exhibitions & Gazing
Anne Maxwell, Selection from Colonial Photography and Exhibitions, pg 9-14. (Reading is in Sakai, under Resources)
Post your annotations here.
Continuing discussion of rhetoric:
Please read: Tracking Events After Mike Brown’s Shooting in Ferguson, and Twitter campaign #iftheygunnedmedown
Screening:        Watch documentary films on colonial exhibitions on British Pathe + Browse images in dLOC and the Caribbean Photo Archive
Sept 12 (F)      Photographs, Exhibitions & Gazing
Anne Maxwell, Selection from Colonial Photography and Exhibitions, pg 1-9.
Discuss Blog Posts and developing good reading questions
Response Paper on Croft/Maxwell due. (Topic: Colonial Photography)


Week 4

Sept 15(M)     The Book: Creating the Primitive
James Anthony Froude, Selections from The English in the West Indies (You can also find the book here.)
“A Coolie Village”: pg 75-85 (page numbers refer to those on the book, NOT on the digital copy. Look up the chapter name)
Response Paper and Presentation: Winner
Sept 17(W)     The Book: Creating the Primitive
J.J. Thomas, “Negro Felicity in the West Indies” pg 81-101. In Froudacity.
Response Paper and Presentation: Lorber
Screening:       Watch short clips from The Travel Film Archive
Sept 19(F)       The Book: Creating the Primitive
Mary Louise Pratt, “From the Victorian Nyanza to the Sheraton San Salvador”, pg 201 – 208. (The link will take you to the e-book from the UF Library. The section we are reading for class is here.)  This is the image from David Livingstone’s book. You can find images from Sir Richard Francis Burton’s book here. )


Week 5

Sept 21 (Sunday): Blog Post 1 and Comments due
Sept 22(M)     In class: Discuss Blog Posts
Sept 24(W)     What is Orientalism?
Lutz and Collins, “A World Brightly Different: Photographic Conventions 1950-1986 from Reading National Geographic,” pp 87-117.
Screening:       Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Sept 26(F)       What is Orientalism?
Watch before class: Edward Said on Orientalism
Response paper and Presentation on Said due. (Topic: Orientalism)



Week 6

Sept 29(M)     Media: Photographs
                        Introduction” to Defining Visual Rhetorics. pp 1-13.
Browse photos from the September 11 Digital Archive before class
Introduce Rhetorical Analysis Assignment
Ppt: Visual Rhetoric
 Oct 1(W)         Media: Representing the Other
Thomas Riegler, “9/11 on the Screen: Giving Memory and Meaning to All that “Howling Space” at Ground Zero”, pg 155-165. (Article is in Sakai, under Resources)
Response Paper on Riegler due. (Topic: Terrorist in the Media)
In Class: Using logos to persuade your audience
Screening:       Traitor (2006) or 24
Oct 3(F)          Media: Representing the Other
Evelyn Alsultany, “Introduction” to Arabs and Muslims in the Media, pg 1-17. (Sakai- under Resources)
In Class: Moving your audience

Week 7

Oct 6(M)         Counterpoints
Watch before class: Axis of Evil Comedy Tour: Maz Jobrani, and Ahmed Ahmed
Developing Topics for your Rhetorical Analysis
Oct 8(W)         Counterpoints
Moustafa Bayoumi, Selection from How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?: Being Young and Arab in America
Response Paper on Bayoumi due
Screening:       New York
Oct 10 (F)       Counterpoints
Selected poems by Naomi Shihab Nye: Half and HalfTwo Countries, Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting

Week 8

Oct 12(Sunday) Blog Post 2 Due
Oct 13(M)       In Class: Discuss Blog Post 2
Oct 15(W)       Gender & the War on Terror
Dana Cloud, “To Veil the Threat of Terror”: Afghan Women and the Clash of Civilizations in the Imagery of the U.S. War on Terrorism, pg 393-413
Screening:       Zero Dark Thirty
Response Paper on Cloud. (Topic: Gender and the War on Terror)
Oct 17(F)        HOMECOMING – NO CLASS


Week 9

Oct 20(M)       Bring Introduction and Thesis Statement of your Rhetorical Analysis
Oct 22 (W)      Peer Review of Rhetorical Analysis
Oct 24 (F)       Rhetorical Analysis Paper Due



Week 10

Oct 27(M)       The Digital Divide
Read: Excerpt on Digital Divide (Sakai) (We will discuss this in class)
Browse: Internet Population and Penetration 2008
Browse: Internet Population and Penetration 2011
(If the URL is directing you to the Home Page, please look through the page for the two articles you need to read. They are both titled Internet Population and Penetration.)


Oct 29 (W)      Racial Issues on the Internet
Anna Everett, “Have We Become Postracial Yet? Race and Media Technology in the Age of President Obama,” Race After the Internet (pg 146 – 159, and last two paragraphs on pg 165)
Response Paper on Everett due (Topic: Racial Issues on the Internet)
Screening:       Wikipedia Basics and Editing
Oct 31(F)        Racial Issues on the Internet
Rayvon Fouche, From Black Inventors to One Laptop Per Child by in Race After
the Internet (pg 61-80). Response Paper on Fouche due (Topic: Racial Issues on the Internet)

Week 11

Nov 3(M)        Social Media and Race
Danah Boyd, “White Flight in Networked Publics? How Race and Class Shaped
American Teen Engagement with MySpace and Facebook,”
Race After the Internet (pg 203-220)
Response Paper on Boyd due. (Topic: Social Media and Race/Gender)
Introduce Proposal Assignment and Digital Exhibit Assignment
Nov 5(W)        Social Media and Race
Eszter Hargittai, “Open Doors, Closed Spaces,” Race After the Internet (pg -223-243)
Screening        Library Research Visit + Wikipedia Editing
Nov 7(F)         Digital Games
Melissa Monson, “Race-Based Fantasy Realm: Essentialism in the World of Warcraft.” (see Sakai Resources)
Response Paper on Nguyen/Monson due. (Topic: Digital Games and Race/Gender)


Week 12

Nov 9 (Sunday)Blog Post 3 Due
Nov 10(M)      Discuss Blog Post 3
Browse: Examples of Digital Exhibits
Nov 12(W)      Digital Games
Required: Watch before class: Women as Background Decoration (30 mins). Read about the response to Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter campaign to produce the video series.

Recommended: Sarkeesian has other videos in the Tropes vs Women series if you want to keep watching. This article reviews the critiques which have been directed at Sarkeesian/the series.
In Class: Developing topics, refining questions
Screening:       Play digital games
Nov 14(F)       In Class: Work on Proposals


Week 13

Nov 16 (Sunday) Proposals Due
Nov 17(M)      Towards the Future: Conversations on Islam
Watch this Bill Maher video, and this article on Liberal Feminism by Deepa Kumar
Nov 19(W)      Towards the Future
Read “New Voices on the Net” in Race After the Internet
Screening:       Re-design challenge
Nov 21(F)       Towards the Future:Diversity in Silicon Valley
Please read Do Black Tech Entrepreneurs Face Institutional Bias? 


Week 14

Nov 24(M)      Writing with sources: Summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting


Week 15

Dec 1(M)        Format and Structure of Digital Exhibit. Bring About page content and a title for your WordPress website to class.
Dec 3(W)        Student Conferences + In Class Presentations Upload at least half the content of your digital exhibit to your website before the student conference/class presentation
Dec 5(F)          Student Conferences + In Class Presentations


Week 16

Dec 8(M)        Peer Review
Dec 10(W)      Digital Exhibit Due


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