Response Paper date is variable
21 September: Blog Post 1
22 September: Blog Post 1 Comments
12 October: Blog Post 2
13 October: Blog post 2 Comments
24 October: Rhetorical Analysis
5 November: Wikipedia Edits
9 November: Blog post 3
10 November: Blog post 3 Comments
16 November: Proposal
10 December: Digital Exhibit

All assignments are due before class on the date listed.

Blog Posts (3 total, 500 words each = 1500 words)

Blog Post 1 Due: 21 September
Blog Post 2 Due: 12 October
Blog Post 3 Due: 9 November
You will write three blog posts corresponding to each of the three units in the course. Use the blog posts to extend our classroom conversations and explore an idea that interested you from that that particular unit. You may discuss a text, photo, or film we encountered in that unit, raise questions about something we discussed, challenge a particular text, apply a concept to contemporary events, and so on. You may also explore an idea related to our course, and to that unit even if we have not covered it in class. You may use you may use your blog posts to think through concepts and ideas we discussed in class. Stylistically, use your blog post to practice writing a good thesis statement and developing an argument. Your blog posts should be analytical and demonstrate critical thinking. Do not summarize texts. We will use the following WordPress blog for class:

 Blog Comments (3 total, 75 words each)

Due: Within 24 hours of the blog due date
You will be required to post at least one comment on a classmate’s blog post every time a blog post is due. The comments are due within 24 hours of the blog due date. For example, since blog post 1 is due on 15 September, you need to post at least 1 comment on a classmate’s post by 16 September. Your comment should engage with the post by raising questions or building on it. Avoid evaluating posts as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

 Response Paper (750 words + multimedia creation)

Due Date: Variable. Students sign up to do one response paper, which is due on the date indicated on the syllabus. Due at the beginning of class.

Every student will sign up to do a response paper once in the term. In the response paper, you must engage with one of the critical articles on the theme or texts for that week. Your response should be critical and evaluative. Briefly summarize the concept or argument from the text, and then make connections between the text and the film, photos, or other objects we studied that week. Alongside your written response, you will create a multimedia artefact which illustrates an important argument or concept from the reading. (For example, what multimedia artefact might you create to represent Orientalism?) You can create a photo, video, meme, or another object. The response paper and multimedia artefact are due at the beginning of class. You will briefly present your paper and artefact to the class.

Rhetorical Analysis (900 words)

Due: 24 October
Conduct a rhetorical analysis of a visual artifact that we discussed in class. Your paper should evaluate the rhetorical claims made by the film or photo, and pay close attention to the circumstances of its production and circulation.

Rhetorical Analysis Peer Review sheet

 Wikipedia Edits (400 words)

Due: 5 November
This assignment is aimed at addressing Wikipedia’s unequal coverage of articles related to minorities (defined by race, gender, nationality, and other ways). Students will identify relevant Wikipedia articles, and then expand and improve the articles. You will have to conduct research on the topic of the article, and identify quality sources which can be cited within the Wikipedia article. Through this assignment, you will identify a problem in the new media society, and actively work to redress it.

 Proposal (400 words)

Due: 16 November
Students will write a brief proposal will outlines their topic for the Digital Exhibit assignment. The proposal will contain the following elements: preliminary argument, exigence of this topic of study, and potential scholarly sources that will help you make your argument.

Assignment Proposal and Final Project (2000 words)

Due: 10 December
For this assignment, you will create a digital exhibit that will integrate text and multimedia to make an argument. To prepare for this assignment, choose a topic from our class which interests you, and formulate an argumentative thesis about that topic. The digital exhibit will demonstrate and support this thesis. Students will set up a WordPress or Omeka site for the digital exhibit. This site must also articulate the goals and argument of the digital exhibit in a concise manner. The digital exhibit will draw on texts we have read in class, and at least 5 external scholarly sources

 Quizzes & Participation

This accounts for in-class discussion, quizzes, in-class work, and other related activities.


Note on Assignments: Students should not write about the same topic for the different assignments. For instance, don’t write on the National Geographic images for your blog post, response paper, and rhetorical analysis. You may choose the broad theme of ‘Orientalism’ and then explore different issues related to that in your blog post, response paper, and rhetorical analysis. Or you may use your blog post to think through some preliminary ideas on Orientalism, and then develop them further in your response paper or rhetorical assignment.


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